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Today is the Victory day of my country: BANGLADESH

16 December 1971: On this fine day a new nation was born in this world. A nation with a lot dreams, a nation with hope, a nation with courage and bravery. Bangladesh, from my insight, the happiest country on earth though it is one of the poorest. 9 months of bloodshed war brought this country to freedom. Many lives were sacrificed, many dreams were kept unseen just to make one dream come true: freedom. I salute those Martyrs who laid down their valuable lives for the emergence of a brand new nation: Bangladesh.
Let us just don't enjoy the day, let us just don't party around all day along, let us also remember the numerous sacrifices which established this small land into a nation. Let us don't divide ourselves into some groups, let the whole nation be a group. Let us make the bond stronger among the whole country. Let us conquer all the problems of our country like we conquered in 1971.
On this day, why don't we bestow a little time from our lives to respect the brave M…

A trip to the Sundarbans: Worlds Largest Mangrove Forest

Recently I have visited the Sundarbans, one of the greatest forest of this world. We started our journey on 30 November 2008 from Dhaka and entered the forest area in the midnight of the next day. We traveled through the Sundarbans for 3 long days and returned on 4 December.

We covered only a few spots of the huge forest (eg. Jamtoli Beach, Kotka Beach, Koromchol and another spot). We walked through the forest from different points, saw many different trees, some special ponds which are used by the tigers for meeting up their thirst. We could not go very deep into the forest as there was a very high risk of being attacked by the tigers.

I must say, the tigers live here are of special category, called The Royal Bengal Tiger. This type of tiger is only found in the Sundarbans. It's our bad fortune that we could not see any tigers but did able to see their fresh footprints(!). Though there are hundreds of tigers live in the Sundarbans, it is very rarely seen that travelers are able to …

How to Disable AUTOPLAY in pendrive

Now-a-days most of the viruses that affect our computer come from pen drive. Unknowingly most of us use our pen drives as a virus carrier. And most of this viruses are activated when we "auto-play" them. By turning off "auto-play" option we can reduce the spread of virus in our computer.

A way to disable the "auto-play" option is given below:

-Go to start> run> type gpedit.msc
-Now from Computer configuration click administrative templates> system
-There at the right pane look for "turn off autoplay".
-See that it's set as not configured.
-Select enabled and then select 'all drives'.

*Not applicable for all the versions of Windows.

A Beautiful Hadith

I found a beautiful Hadith while surfing the net. It is really meaningful. Try to apply it in your practical life. Here it is:
According to Wabisah bin Ma'bad, radiyallahu 'anhu, who said:
I came to the Messenger of Allah, sallallahu 'alayhi wasallam, and he said: "You have come to ask about righteousness ?" " Yes," I answered. He said: "Consult your heart. Righteousness is that about which the soul feels tranquil and the heart feels tranquil, and sin is what creates restlessness in the soul and moves to and fro in the breast, even though people give you their opinion (in your favour) and continue to do so."

How to Setup Gmail in your Symbian device

I found it's pretty easy to setup Gmail in your cell if you are using a Symbian operated Smartphone. All the smartphones from Nokia use symbian operating system and also many other giants like SonyEricsson. It's really amazing how easily you can access your Gmail account from your Symbian operated cell phone.

Here goes the procedure to setup Gmail in Symbian phones:

- Go to "Messaging"
- Then Option>Settings>E-mail
- Enter "Mailboxes" --> Select "New mailbox"
- User name will be your full email address
- Type your Gmail password
- Incoming Mail server:
- Access point in use: Always Ask
- Mailbox name: Anything you want
- Mailbox type: POP3
- Security (ports): SSL/TLS
- Port: Default
- APOP secure login: Off
- Outgoing options are all the same just with one difference that is Outgoing mail server which is:

Hope this helps. If you find any difficulties setting it up, feel free to ask.

MobaPhoto : The portable toolbox for digital photography

Mobaphoto, formerly known as Buibuiphoto is just the tool you want for your daily photo editing solution. I have been sing this software for many days without any hassle. It's a tool which provides you "batch" (many at a time) resizing, editing and renaming facility. You can also make a digital gallery of your own with this software. Usually I use its batch resizing and editing facitlity. It is really easy to install and use. Before I came to know this software, when I had to resize a bunch of images, I used to use photoshop to resize one by one. It was very boring and lengthy process. Now, when I upload any photo album to Facebook or any other websites, the first thing I do is resizing them with Mobaphoto (Buibuiphoto). Why don't you guys have a shot of it? You won't regret.
**It's a FREEWARE too !!
You can download this software from their website. It's really small in size. Have a look.