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An Islamic website with great stuffs

I found this nice Islamic website while surfing the net. They have put some really good and useful stuffs in their site. There are separate search engines for searching Quran and Hadith. They have also got some very useful software for daily life both for desktop computers and Java enabled mobile phones. I myself have downloaded some very useful Islamic software for my cellphone from this site. And they are just serving great! Here is the address of the site: Check this out right now!

31st Night at Cox's Bazar

This was my 1st 31st night at Cox's Bazar. It was a tour of Vandarians. Almost all the members were present. We all passed that very special moment (Entering into 2009) at beach beside Tropicana. We walked along the beach, felt the force of wave and the cool breeze. It was really awesome. Taking tea at an environment like this is something very aspiring. We had that chance! We stayed 2 nights at Cox's Bazar. Had a loads of fun. We faced a minor accident too when we were coming back to our resort from Enani beach. None of us were injured except the left looking glass of my pal's car :). And yeah ! I finally had the luck to win the big board of 9 cards at Cox's Bazar! Haha!