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In the middle of left and right

Am I losing myself while doing all these self-recovering activities? I find myself now in the middle of nowhere. I tried left and right. I had to leave the left unwillingly, forcefully. But the right side does not seem to be for me. But I can be there easily. Now, I guess, I lost myself in between the right and the left. Need a place to stand firmly. This life is not for me!
But hey, I'm a big boy... Will manage it somehow... InshAllah... I will choose the correct one.

They are supposed to save the nation!

Do you know... I'm a proud citizen of a proud nation... where people kill each other to express their demands... they even don't hesitate to rape others' wives!! They burn them alive, they shoot others like they are practicing shooting. And they are the people who are supposed to save the country.... they are the bloody BDR!!! Till yesterday, I had a lot of respect for them. But now I don't think they deserve anything.... They deserve just nothing!

Please go through this article written by some guy named Turjo:

24th February, 2009: (9.00 AM) BDR Parade Ground.

A successful parade was performed by the members of BDR, in front of the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina herself. Everyone were quite proud about the paramilitary force of our country who worked day and nights sleeplessly on the borders. It was the start of the BDR week. Everyone were happy,

But no one didn't notice, that after the parade, the Jawans did not give back their weapons to the rightful ordnance office…

How to write Unicode Symbols

So you think you don't know how to use those special characters like '♥' in Unicode system?

These two links will be helpful. Check them out.

Now, you can.

(image source: Wikipedia)

International Mother Language Day

UNESCO declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day on 17 November 1999. Before that this day was observed as Language Movement Day in Bangladesh. This is a red letter date for any people in the world who loves their mother language. And it is specially crucial for the people whose mother tongue is Bangla (Bengali).
In 1952, 21st February, some students of Dhaka University continued the formerly started movement to recognize Bangla as one of the state language of Pakistan while a law of section 144 was running on. Those students were shot down by the police force of Pakistan. Salam, Rofique, Jabbar, Barqat and many other died in that brutal police action. This incident triggered the movement a lot higher and aroused more consciousness among the people of Bangladesh (formerly West Pakistan). After years of dispute central government granted the recognition to Bengali language in 1956. This would not be achieved if those students did not allow their valuable lives to be gu…