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They are supposed to save the nation!

Do you know... I'm a proud citizen of a proud nation... where people kill each other to express their demands... they even don't hesitate to rape others' wives!! They burn them alive, they shoot others like they are practicing shooting. And they are the people who are supposed to save the country.... they are the bloody BDR!!! Till yesterday, I had a lot of respect for them. But now I don't think they deserve anything.... They deserve just nothing!

Please go through this article written by some guy named Turjo:

24th February, 2009: (9.00 AM) BDR Parade Ground.

A successful parade was performed by the members of BDR, in front of the Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina herself. Everyone were quite proud about the paramilitary force of our country who worked day and nights sleeplessly on the borders. It was the start of the BDR week. Everyone were happy,

But no one didn't notice, that after the parade, the Jawans did not give back their weapons to the rightful ordnance officer. The process was somehow, skipped. They did store those arms on the store, but the store wasn't locked, and the ordnance officers failed to find those arms on their rightful place at the next morning. The papers told the officer that those weapons were stored, but it actually wasn't.

25th February, 2009: (9.00 AM) My bedroom.

I got a phonecall from Zarif (which woke me up)who told me that BDR and Army are fighting with each other, I thought Zarif was screwing around, but he didn't. I turned on the TV and saw that BDR has taken over the Pilkhana barrack. Zarif told me he heard a gunshot and saw someone died.

25th February. 2009 (9.00 AM) : Pilkhana Riffles Headquarter Darbar Hall.

Darbar hall is a meeting where ordinary soldiers talk about their problems and requests to the higher ranked officers. This is one meeting where No one is allowed to carry any kind of arms, or close range weapons. And officers doesn't ever carry any kind of weapons with them, except only the battlefields or practice sessions. (How I know all this? I am a son of an Army officer, but that's irrelevant here, isn't it?)

Major General Shakil Ahmed(Director General, BDR) wasn't quite aware about what is coming next. When the Darbar started, he was quite pissed to see that some of the soldiers managed to smuggle some weapons into the Darbar. Some of the Jaowans started to scream and cuss at the senior officers. After a few disastrous minutes some of the Jaowans started brush firing with the automatics they were carrying. Many of the Jaowans tried to save the officers, they "protested" against this mutiny, they fell into their deaths, too. At least 60+ officers died, Shakil was shot at point blank. It is also heard that they burned Shakil's family alive, the news is heard from a BDR soldier who had a cell phone with him.

Some of the officers managed to survive. They stripped off their badges and mixed up with common soldiers, they are the real storytellers. Not me.

25th February, 2009. (Around 1 pm)

Wives of the BDR officers(yes, they were BDR officers) were scared to death after they heard about the massacre at Dorbar Hall. They started breaking into quarters and looting around 12.30 pm. They dragged many women and girls with them. I don't want to explain any farther.Most of them didn't know that their father or husband is already dead. But what they didn't know something even more uglier is about to happen. I would've write this whole thing in full details but there are some people I know who will never forgive me if I do so. But these are truths, please try to except it. As I did.

Mrs. Shakil(wife of DG General Shakil) was burned alive before 2.00 PM.

25th February, 2009 (Around 3.00 pm)

They found 2 dead bodies at Nobabgang dam gate sewerage . Both of them were identified as Colonel Enayet and Colonel Mujib.

25th February, 2009 (Around 10.00 pm)

Abbu came home. Devastated. He told me he saw the dead bodies of his course mates on CMH. Killed by bayonets. Their bodies were thrown into sewerages, too. He saw four of his friends dead, and no one knows what happened to their family members. They are just... Lost.

And I didn't say anything about the people who are known to be lost, disappeared, dragged away.

26th February, 2009. (8.00 PM)

Media says:

"Bangladeshi border guards have ended their mutiny, surrendering weapons and freeing hostages, the government says..."

But no one asked or said ANYTHING about what happened to DG General Shakil, or his family, or the rest of the officers who were in the Darbar hall. It's all been hushed up. Why?

They stole the arms after the parade of 24th March, they killed the unprotected DG, they burned his wife alive, they killed 60 of the officers and many soldiers who stood against them, they raped their wives and daughters, they looted and burnt everything down, they shot at normal people.

Where the fuck is my justice? How many deadbodies are hidden inside Pilkhana? When we'll get to see them? Why people are still fucking sympathetic to these traitor bastards?

Long live peace. Long live Bangladesh. I love this country.

Source: Fardin Humayun

Yeah! I do! You do too!


  1. That was a BAD incident... Why did this happen ?
    Nijeder moddhe Maramari keno ? Er Karon ki Jana Hoyeche aj obdi ?

  2. No. This accident is still unclear to me... It was a huge loss for our country... Nearly 70 army officers were killed that day!


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