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Two Hadith... A Must Read.

1. Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr bin Al-'As: Allah's Apostle said, "O 'Abdullah! Have I not been formed that you fast all the day and stand in prayer all night?" I said, "Yes, O Allah's Apostle!" He said, "Do not do that! Observe the fast sometimes and also leave them (the fast) at other times; stand up for the prayer at night and also sleep at night. Your body has a right over you, your eyes have a right over you and your wife has a right over you."

2. Narrated Anas bin Malik: A group of three men came to the houses of the wives of the Prophet asking how the Prophet worshipped (Allah), and when they were informed about that, they considered their worship insufficient and said, "Where are we from the Prophet as his past and future sins have been forgiven." Then one of them said, "I will offer the prayer throughout the night forever." The other said, "I will fast throughout the year and will not break my fast.&…

The Independence Day of Bangladesh

"Amar Shonar Bangla, Ami Tomay Bhalobashi"
Today is the Independence day of our country. This day is a public holiday in Bangladesh. On this day, in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Founder of Bangladesh) announced the Independence of Bangladesh before getting arrested by Yayya Khan's order (former President of Pakistan).

At 7:45 pm on 26th March 1971, Major Zia broadcast the message which became historic in the struggle for independence:

'This is Shadhin Bangla Betar Kendra. I, Major Ziaur Rahman, at the direction of Bango Bondhu Mujibur Rahman, hereby declare that the independent People's Republic of Bangladesh has been established. At his direction, I have taken command as the temporary head of the republic. In the name of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, I call upon all Bengalis to rise against the attack by the west Pakistani Army. WE shall fight to the last to free our motherland. By the grace of Allah, victory is ours. Joy Bangla."

Right after the deliverance of this m…

Ekti Chiller-er Atto-Kahini

ami ekti chiller. jonmer shomoy ami kothai chilam shey kotha amar mone nei... tobe jonmer por theke amake emon ek jaigai niye asha hoyeche jekhane shobi lal. ey jaigar gate diye dhukar shomoy lokkho korechilam ekhankar rastatio tio lal. tobe tarpor theke amake ekti bishal room e s-than deya hoyeche... protidin kichu nirdishto shomoy-e ekhane onek loker shomagom ghotey... prothom shomagom ta vor theke shuru hoi... surjo ta jokhon ektu valo vabe alo dey thik tokhon thekei ekti duti kore aste aste barte thake ey room er loker shonkha.. jara ashe tara abar choleo jai... tarpor abar notun kore lok-er podocharona ghotey...prai protita lok-e amake jontrona diye jai... amar karigor amar mathar upor chotto ekti chidro diyechen jekhan diye pani probahito hoi.. uni buddhiman chilen.. ey pani ber hoywar bebosthao tini kore diyechen.... na hoi je koto bibrotokor poristhitite amake porte hoto… shey jaihok.. amar shudhu ektai khob... amar mathar upor tini ekta shing diyechen tate abar ki ekta jani…