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Ekti Chiller-er Atto-Kahini

ami ekti chiller. jonmer shomoy ami kothai chilam shey kotha amar mone nei... tobe jonmer por theke amake emon ek jaigai niye asha hoyeche jekhane shobi lal. ey jaigar gate diye dhukar shomoy lokkho korechilam ekhankar rastatio tio lal. tobe tarpor theke amake ekti bishal room e s-than deya hoyeche... protidin kichu nirdishto shomoy-e ekhane onek loker shomagom ghotey... prothom shomagom ta vor theke shuru hoi... surjo ta jokhon ektu valo vabe alo dey thik tokhon thekei ekti duti kore aste aste barte thake ey room er loker shonkha.. jara ashe tara abar choleo jai... tarpor abar notun kore lok-er podocharona ghotey...prai protita lok-e amake jontrona diye jai... amar karigor amar mathar upor chotto ekti chidro diyechen jekhan diye pani probahito hoi.. uni buddhiman chilen.. ey pani ber hoywar bebosthao tini kore diyechen.... na hoi je koto bibrotokor poristhitite amake porte hoto… shey jaihok.. amar shudhu ektai khob... amar mathar upor tini ekta shing diyechen tate abar ki ekta jani deya jeta ghurano jai... protita lok eshe eshe khali eta ghuran r amar mathai ekta kore chokkor dei... ekbar shoja ghuran to ekbar ulta ghuran... ki ek jontrona! ey jontrona gorom kale kichuta modhur.. karon shing diye jokhon pani probahito hoye amar shorir er vitore dhuke tokhon mone hoy shorger shukh bujhi ey room tatei peye gelam... kintu shithkale.. bishesh kore shither vore jokhon ey shing diye pani ber hoi...tokhon.... ohhhh...! ki oshojjo kosto!... thandai mori mori obostha... parina shoite parina kichu bolte... tobe protita lok-e amake bebohar kore jokhon triptir ekta shobdo kore.. tokhon nijer kosto tuku onektai vule jai...
evabe kete jachilo amar din... shobi ekta chonder moddhe chilo... tobe hotath kore shuru holo ek oniom.. lokkho korlam besh kichudin amake keo bebohar korchena... trishnai amar to jai jai obostha.. chitkar kore kauke bolte parina je amake bebohar koro... shobai amar shamne diye chole jai.. jawar shomoy amake ekti tacchiller dristi diye jai.. jeno ami tader onek boro opokar korechi... onek dukkho lage tokhon... ami ki oporadh korechi? tomra shobai amar dikey evabe dristi diye jao keno? ami to tomaderi upokar korchilam... sharadinrat thai dariye thaki ekti jaigai.... rat ektu barar sathe sathe jokhon tomra shob ondhokar kore amake fele chole jao tokhon shudhu opekkahi thaki kokhon shokal hobe.. kohkon tomra abar ashbe... kintu tarporo amar dike tomra ekhon tacchillo vore takao... vule gecho tomader k koto tripti ami diyechi... boyosher vare hoito ami ektu durbol hoye porechi... kichudin por por-e daktar eshe amake dekhe jan.. tarpor ektu shushto hoi... tarpor abar ami okejo hoye pori... abar shey tacchillo vora dristi amake sojjo korte hoi ! keo ki parena amake ekti valo daktar dekhiye puropuri shushtho kore tulte? keo ki parena amake purnno chikitsha diye ager uddom firiye dite? amar mathar uporer shingtar chabi hok na hajarbar ghurano... tarporto shobai amar kache bar bar to ashbe... porom momota niye amar dike takabe... ar triptir ekta shobdo amake shuniye jabe.... amar ey artonad keo ki shunchona tomra?

**It can be understood only by those who knows Bengali. I wanted to use Bengali fonts.. But it seems too much messy to type it here. And I also wanted to translate this into English... But could not manage time. Next time, Hopefully!


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