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Love and Addiction

I like the left one and I definitely will continue this till I die.... It's something I have been in love since my childhood. And the one on the right side? Yes, the one which is creating all the smokes, I'm kind of addicted to it but I don't love it and I don't have any wish to continue it. Someday, yeah, someday it will not be a part of my life anymore! I will make it InshAllah.

Earth Day

April 22 is celebrated as Earth Day. This day is marked to encourage people about Earth's environment and make them aware about the environmental problems that growing up very rapidly. It is held annually during both spring in the northern hemisphere and autumn in the southern hemisphere.

This day marks the anniversary of the birth of modern environmental movement in 1970. It was founded by U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, Gaylord Nelson. He proposed the first nationwide environmental protest "to shake up the political establishment and force this issue onto the national agenda". It was a gamble for him but it worked well.

Now this day is celebrated in many countries every year. The UN celebrates an Earth Day each year on the March equinox which was founded by peace activist John McConnell in 1969.

The Earth Day reminds us to be more conscious about our responsibilities to make this green world even greener, to stop pollution of all kinds and avoid all those activities which po…

The Ancient Civilization of PUTHIA

Puthia, a half an hour drive from Rajshahi main town, is a town of ancient beauty and structures. I visited this place last weekend as a part of my Rajshahi trip. My trip would not be fulfilled if I did not have visited this place. These structure, buildings are very old... Our guide told us this little empire was built in Mughol Era. I'm not sure as I have not researched about it. But it was surely built a long ago. The hand made art works are just wonderful! I tried to take some snaps. Check them out... All the pictures were taken at ancient structures of Puthia.

(From the left) Miron, Me, Rajib... At a historic Mandir at Puthia These artworks are hand made and so precise... look closely.. you will be astonished! Artworks on wall The 1st Mandir we visited at Puthia, this picture was taken from the front gate Another one, this is located inside the ancient Puthia palace Side view Beautiful artwork on the body of strong round pillars Front Wall..... full of wonderful arts on it I guess th…

My sudden trip to Rajshahi

Creation of the students of Arts Faculty, Rajshahi University Another creation of the students of Arts Faculty, Rajshahi University Yet another one! It's made of wood! Creation of the students of Arts Faculty, Rajshahi University This is the damaged vehicle which were used by Pakistani Force in 1971 to oppress and kill Bengali People At the entrance of Shaheed Minar (Martyr's Monument), Rajshahi University Shaheed Minar (Martyr's Monument) Rajshahi University Behind the Shaheed Minar (Martyr's Monument) Rajshahi University A great sight of Rajshahi University Shuborno Joyonti Tower, Rajshahi University Ispater Kanna (Cries of Iron), Rajshahi University Me infront of Ispater Kanna A Road inside Rajshahi University Biplob on bike (This was the bike which we used to travel through Rajshahi City), Rajshahi University Famous Mango of Rajshahi, Still sour though! This railroad passes through Rajshahi University! Another beautiful sight inside Rajshahi University Another one! This one is my f…

Celebration of পহেলা বৈশাখ (The 1st day of Bengali Calender), 1416

The giant struture in between TSC and Shahbag. It's majorly made of paper. Specially created only for the celebration of the occasion. Is it a crocodile? I'm not sure. This was the less crowded side! Special wrist bangle for the occasion. Some one was selling these things on the road of DU. Isn't it so colorful?! I was feeling kind of upset when I was taking this picture. This little boy were looking so unhappy but still, he was doing his job very nicely. Flags. More encouragement.

These photos were taken in Dhaka University area on the day of Pohela Baishakh. I went there at near about 11.00AM. The crowd was less at that time. At 5.00PM when I was going out of Dhaka University area to go to another place, the TSC area was so crowded that it was even hard for me to move one step further. Eventually, I made my way to the next destination though. But anyway, the time was awesome. Observing and feeling the original Bengali culture on this very first date of Bengali Calender gave m…

পহেলা বৈশাখ, The 1st day of Bengali Calender

এসো হে বৈশাখ, এসো এসো...
14 April (১ বৈশাখ or পহেলা বৈশাখ). This is where the Bengali Year Starts., the 1st day of Bengali calender. On this day the whole Bangladesh gets a festive look. It is National holiday in Bangladesh. If we go deep into its origin we will find it as a rural festival which is very immensely celebrated in the cities, specially in Dhaka. Some fairs named বৈশাখী মেলা (Boishakhi Mela) are held in different parts of the country. The more you gaze the more color you will find on this day. Special arts, paintings are done by the artists which gives the environment a gala look. Even the roads are painted with evergreen rural patterns. We are also entertained by singers with বৈশাখী গান (Boishakhi Songs). Special dance ceremony is presented openly for all. Men usually wear Panjabi and Paijama while women wear Sharee. The dresses chiefly contain white and red. People use to gather, meet their near and dear ones. Special foods are also provided. It is a tradition to start th…

Testing Windows Live Writer

I’m trying this free software from Microsoft which allows you to manage and edit your blog right from your desktop. It has a lot of bundled tools. I’m trying to figure all these out. This is just a test post. I guess this software is going to be pretty useful for me… Let’s see… And you guys should also try! You can download it from here.Stay Good!

Some century old pictures of ancient Dhaka

I found these precious pictures while browsing through IUT's LAN... These pictures are mostly focused on the ancient Dhaka... Most of them are more than 100 years old! I thought it would be an injustice if I don't share them with you... :) Have a look guys... I don't think it will be a waste of your time! A Bangladeshi of 1860 An educated Bangladeshi of 1860 Gorai River, Kustia – 1860
A group of Bangladeshi Villagers – 1860 (Making Hooka from Coconut) A Bangladeshi Village – 1860 River PADMA – 1860