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Some century old pictures of ancient Dhaka

I found these precious pictures while browsing through IUT's LAN... These pictures are mostly focused on the ancient Dhaka... Most of them are more than 100 years old! I thought it would be an injustice if I don't share them with you... :) Have a look guys... I don't think it will be a waste of your time!
A Bangladeshi of 1860
An educated Bangladeshi of 1860
Gorai River, Kustia – 1860
A group of Bangladeshi Villagers – 1860 (Making Hooka from Coconut)
A Bangladeshi Village – 1860
River PADMA – 1860
Steel Bridge on Dholai Khal – 1904 (That BUS Conductors call LOHAR POOL today)
St. Thomas Church Dhaka - 1872
Narinda (Present Day Old Dhaka) Christian Grave Yard - 1875
Buriganga River Side - 1880
Deer Park of Nawab of Dhaka – 1875 (A place at Shahbag where perhaps present day’s Ramna Park Located )
Tongi Bridge on TURAG River – 1885 (This is the same road we use now a days to communicate between Airport to Joydevpur ! )
Chowk Bazar, Dhaka – 1885
An unidentified street scene of Dhaka – 1872
A scene of PURANA PALTAN, Dhaka – 1875
PARI BIBI’R Mazar – 1904 ( inside LaalBag Kella )
Old Dhaka college Campus – 1872
A British Officer’s Mess in Dhaka – 1934 (Picture taken from a Wireless Tower)
NorthBook Hall – 1904 (The area we know as NorthBook Hall)
Mit Ford Hospital – 1904 (Where Present Salimullah Medical College Located)
Laalbag Kella – 1872
Dhakeshwari Mandir – 1904
Dhaka College – 1904
Chowk Bazar mor – 1904 (Beside this road today’s Sheikh Burhanuddin College Located…We know this road as Nazimuddin Road today)
Ramna Gate – 1901 (Where Present day Doyel Chattar is located)


  1. wow, thanks a lot for your comment, friend =)
    and I love these old pictures!

  2. There was no choice for me... That comment just came out of me... You have one of the nicest blog I have ever seen... Keep pace with it... Hope you won't disappear.. & Thanks a lot for your comment!

  3. These photos are spectacular! Not only for their historical interest, but also in the marvelous composition of the photography itself. There was much care given to portray the scene......and all these years later we can fully appreciate the scenes as if being there.

  4. Yes they are! And I feel even more fascinated because these are the places where I have to pass in my everyday life. Most of them are changed now from the pictures. But a few remain unchanged. Thanks for your interest!

  5. Koto shundor silo ageeye. Ekhon to genjam ar genjam !

  6. amazing ,really fabulous if i compare with present Dhaka . Thanks for this historical collection and have request to reach this site .thanks once again  

  7.  Thanks for your comment!

  8. Keep option so that we can add pictures of old Dhaka in this site.

  9. These picture shows how the British people treated us. They built Manchester, Bristol, Liverpool by looting of gross domestic product produced by Indian subcontinent people. Indian colony was jewel in the crown for British Empire. They did not develop this part of world. They took all the money from East Bengal.


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