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Rain rain rain.... wash away the pain! (Test Post via email)

Do you know that somewhere in the world the war is over?

Sri Lanka declares victory over Tamil rebels. They are saying that the war is over. It sounds good. Sounds very very good in a world like this. So I could not wait to share this piece of good news here.This war was initiated in 1970. The Tamil Tigers started fighting for separate state for them in Sri Lanka's north and east. Many conflicts were hapenned during this long period which killed more than 70,000 people and displaced 265,00 others. This insurgency was organised by Velupillai Brabhakaran, the leader of Tamil Tigers. This rebel leader has been killed recently along with many other rebels which brought an end to the war. Though many specialists are saying this is not the end but there is always a chance for better things. So, let's hope for it.

I don't have much of idea about the history of this war. From my little knowlede I know that Sri Lankan Governtment also has many faults which prolonged this war. Those Tamil Tigers might have some authentic reasons to fight. …


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