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Some Peaceful Hadith

In the photo above, it is the famous Shat Gambuj Mosque of Bangladesh. Click here to know more about this historical mosque

I collected these Hadith from

[The Words of The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him)
Compiled and edited by Kabir Helminski, from the reliable sources offered by Dr. M. Hafiz Syed.]

"I came to Medinah, and saw a man whose counsels men obeyed, and he never said anything but they obeyed him. I said, 'Who is this man?' They said, 'This is the Rasul of God.' Then I went to him and said, 'Give me advice.' Prophet Muhammad said, 'Abuse nobody.' And I never did abuse anybody after than, neither freeman nor slave, nor camel nor goat. And he added, 'And if a man abuse you, and reveal a vice which he knew in you then do not disclose one which you know in him.'"

"Whoever who tries to remove the want of his brother or sister, whether successfully or not, God will forgive their sins."

"All God…

Ancient Paintings of Chittagong

Chittagong is my home town. I would never know how much I love it if I did not have left this place. I found these priceless paintings of my beautiful home town (along with the captions) in the Facebook photo album of Nazmul Chowdhury Sharun. I immediately thought I should share them with everyone here. I have put them here just the way I found them. Have a look...

A view of Chittagong (Bengal) with river in distance. March 1813

[Water-color of Chittagong with a river in the distance by James George (1782-1828) in March 1813. Inscribed on the front in ink is: 'Chittagong. J. George. March, 1813.'
Chittagong, located in Bangladesh at the point where the Karnaphuli River empties into the Bay of Bengal, is a significant port and has been used for centuries by Arakanese, Arab, Persian, Portuguese and Mughal sailors. Under the Portuguese in the 16th century the town was known as Porto Grande and became an important trading center. It was captured by the Nawab of Bengal in 1666 and f…

Sky is the limit... isn't it?

A beach... very much near to my sweet home
Same beach... this place is known as "Doijjar Par"
Hide N' Seek of Clouds & Sunlight
My University (IUT-OIC)
Dark clouds... Just before a heavy rainfall
Took this shot from Train... It was an awesome view... I was just wishing for the train to stop!

A Sweet Testimonial for Bangladeshi People

One of my Blogger friend recently published a post about Bangladesh. I was so happy to read this very post. In this post he mentioned some of his experience of his visit to Dhaka (Capital of Bangladesh) in 1988, at the time of one of the most devastating flood ever attacked Bangladesh.

He wrote in his blog the following thing which I took as a sweet testimonial for my lovely homeland and it's people:
"What I remember most was the kindness and the hospital of the people. We were essentially tourists, and never pretended otherwise. Yet, when we visited a museum at a small town near Dhaka, the mayor himself came to show us around. Later, we found that our pictures were put on the front page of a local newspaper. We really had not done anything but show up, yet we were treated as heroes. And, when we left our hosts said that we had become Bangladeshis (actually, he used the word "Bengali", if I recall)....."
Click here to read the full article

A little about this man a…