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Now-a-days we all are familiar with Bluetooth devices. This technology now comes with almost every electronic device where "share & play" is a significant issue. Bluetooth is one of the latest gifts of "Wireless Revolution". Well, I guess we all are more or less known to its operation and characteristics. But have we ever thought about how this technology got its name?
Well here it is: Bluetooth is named after the King Harald Bluetooth, the 10th century Viking who united Denmark and Norway. In fact bluetooth does the same thing in general! It unifies the communication protocols into one universal standard. That's how Bluetooth got its name!

Sylhet Tour

Last weekend I went to Sylhet with some of my old college buddies. We had to make the trip short as we only had two days of vacation. We stayed at our friends' apartment. On the 1st day we went to Layachora (A jungle with facilities for visitors) and Rema-Kalinga (Another jungle). Layachora is a nice place with scenic beauty. We had a lot of fun there along with some snapshots with weird pose! I uploaded all those photos in my Facebook album. Later after leaving Layachora we drank famous 7-layer tea of Sylhet at Nil-Kontho which is at Sreemangal. A Bangladeshi named Ramesh Ram Goudo invented this 7-layer tea which is famous in our country as well as in abroad. From there we went to the personal zoo of Shitesh Babu. It was a nice experience and it felt really good to see that the zoo is well taken care of. Then we moved to our last destination of that day - Rema Kalinga. It is situated at Shaesta Ganj, almost 100Km away from Sylhet main town. We went there by micro bus b…


All these places are situated in Bangladesh. The Sundarbans is the largest mangrove forest in the world. Saint Martin’s Island is one of the most attractive tourist place of Bangladesh. And Patiya is the place where my village home is placed.
Early morning at Saint Martin’s Island. This photo is one of my personal favorites.
At Saint Martin’s Island

Some where at Patiya. This spot is very close to my village home.
Same place at Patiya. My another favorite.

Same place at Patiya

Beside a tea shop, Patiya. That day we went there just to have a cup of tea!

On the way to the Sundarbans. Taken from a launch. There's something special about this photo. The trees are blurry but the sky is not. I don't know why my camera acted this weird then. But this is why I like this photo :)

Kotka Beach, The Sundarbans

Koromchol, The Sundarbans. I was on a small boat while taking this shot.