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Happiest Country in the World!

Do you know that Bangladesh is the happiest nation in the world? This is an old news for those who already know but it should be a shocking news for those who did not know! The happiness survey was done by London School of Economics. Mr. Richard Layard, the Co-Director of the Center for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics did this research titled 'Happiness: Lessons from a New Science'. The book was published by the Penguine Press in 2005.

The study revealed that people in Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world, derive far more happiness from their small incomes than many other rich countries like USA(46th on in list) and Britain(32nd in the list).

This completely proves that people of Bangladesh has defeated poverty with their natural sense of joy and happiness! Earlier studies revealed that money is important for being happy. But this particular survey proved it wrong. Infact, the Bangladeshi people proved it wrong.

Bangladesh is one of the poo…

"It’s All Thought" - By Lydia

I have had such writer’s block since accepting Riyadh’s wonderful honor to compose the 100th post at his blog. Many fragments of ideas came to mind during the past week and they lived in my head for minutes, sometimes a day, then scattered with my panic at the realization that the words I place here must have special meaning. After all, this is different than writing posts for my own blog. I’m quite happy with some posts there, less so with others, but they pass my inspection because they are my thoughts and they are representative of my mood at the time I prepare the post for publication. But how to appropriately celebrate with words the occasion of a 100th post at the blog of one who has become important to me, that is a different task altogether.

As I pondered what to write my mind kept returning to one idea and one person – actually, to a concept shared with me by one woman…..shared some four years ago about a year prior to her death at age 82.

Her name was Bette, which was what I …


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Welcome Everyone to my little nest of Blogland lane! My house no. is 602 (Hope it's not already taken). I live in this house alone. Sometimes friends come and stay over. It's a little nest of two little bedrooms and a huge living room! :) I have a small garden beside my house. Roses are available here. So if anyone from Blogland lane wants rose, please contact me. :) I'm thinking of having a little pond outside my abode because there is enough space. & Hey! There is a little badminton court too infront of my nest. I'm alone here seeking for partners to play with... So... everyone, have a visit to my little cute nest in Blogland lane! I would love to enjoy a cup of tea with all my neighbours! I would like to thank KJ for the innovation & my aunt Lydia for helping me know about this nice community.

My little nest in Blogland Lane. House#602. Those green leaves are saying 'welcome' to everyone! :)

Do you want to have your own home in Blogland lane? Click her…