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Welcome Everyone to my little nest of Blogland lane! My house no. is 602 (Hope it's not already taken). I live in this house alone. Sometimes friends come and stay over. It's a little nest of two little bedrooms and a huge living room! :) I have a small garden beside my house. Roses are available here. So if anyone from Blogland lane wants rose, please contact me. :) I'm thinking of having a little pond outside my abode because there is enough space. & Hey! There is a little badminton court too infront of my nest. I'm alone here seeking for partners to play with... So... everyone, have a visit to my little cute nest in Blogland lane! I would love to enjoy a cup of tea with all my neighbours! I would like to thank KJ for the innovation & my aunt Lydia for helping me know about this nice community.

My little nest in Blogland Lane. House#602. Those green leaves are saying 'welcome' to everyone! :)

Do you want to have your own home in Blogland lane? Click here to know details about Blogland Lane and have a look below:
Invitation To Homestead on Blogland Lane!
a wide choice of available land
including double lots,
lakeside, ocean front,
small plots, rambling acreage,
dells with forest canopies,
tree lined, flat, or hilly terrain,
whatever you want.
Just put up a picture of your home/yard
on your own blog
and the place is yours!
Provide any details and descriptions you want,
and put out the Welcome Mat
or the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.


  1. O, Riyadh, that is a fine little nest. It doesn't even look lonely because it's so cheery in color and design! You won't be alone too much now, I think, because our neighbors at Blogland Lane all seem so warm and friendly. This is going to be a lot of fun. :)

  2. Thanks Aunt :). I visited some of our neighbors. They seem pretty nice. I'm so eagerly waiting to see what's coming next!!

  3. hello riyadh, you are most welcome on blogland lane. your house is indeed cozy and sweet. you should find pieterbie and visit him. he lives in belguim and photographs badminton games.

    see you around!

  4. Wow.. Thanks KJ for your visit, for the acceptance of my nest in Blogland Lane & for the sweet compliment about my home. :)
    I visited Pieterbie and already left some messed up comments in his blog. (Because everytime I posted a comment it was saying something in red, I thought it was an error, later I used Google translator which showed it was no error report! I'm still confused :D )
    Btw, I love his beach house. We will have lot of fun there!


  5. Hey, nice to meet you on Blogland Lane. I'll give you a game of badminton, I'm not that good, mind you. Don't play singles that often anymore, mostly doubles. So we should find two more men, or two girls, we can play mixed doubles then. The mixed doubles is my favorite discipline.

  6. Haha... Okay! We have pretty cool gathering in our Blogland Lane.... so playing doubles won't be a problem I guess!
    Thanks for coming by!
    Cheers bro!

  7. your blog is very moving... i love the diversity you have, and you write beautifully! i'm happy you found me on blogcatalog!

    good luck with your new place on blogland lane! :-)


  8. Hello new neighbor, again a newcomer at Blogland Lane!!! Everyday I try to visit all the new residents. About that roses you grow.... I am very interested because for my Flower & Giftshop at no 100 I need a lot of beautiful stuff, so maybe we can have arrangements :-) I live at no. 30 and whenever you have the time... feel free to come over for a coffee with Dutch applepie.

  9. @Lauren: Thank you so much! And you are always welcome at my place of Blogland Lane. :)

    @Wieneke: I have just visited your sweet gift shop and pretty much interest to have a deal with you.. haha! And did not also forget to visit your home at #30. I'm waiting to have coffee with you on that nice terrace!! :)
    Thanks for coming by.

  10. Riyadh you have a wonderful blog. I'm at No. 9 3/4 on blogland lane.

    I love what your friend wrote on your 100th post and Imust tell you that I really love what you wrote about people thinking they are unlucky and to look around.

    You are brilliant at 21.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  11. @Renee: Thank you so much. Your words surely inspire me more to keep on writing.

    Lydia (Author of my 100th post) is one of my favorite persons. I love her writings. And I call her Aunt. :)

    I would definitely visit your place at Blogland lane pretty soon. Thanks for letting me know.

    Take Care dear.


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