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Hazards and Mankind

Disaster can be of many types. But the most hazardous among them is the natural disasters. Human kingdom becomes helpless at that point. Let's have a quick look on the top recent natural disasters:
Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Location: Indian Ocean. Death toll: ~230,000Bam earthquake in 2003. Location: Iran. Death toll: ~30,000Gujarat earthquake in 2001. Location: India. Death toll: ~20,000Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Location: China. Death toll: ~69,197Kashmir earthquake in 2005. Location: Pakistan. Death toll: ~86,000Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Location: Myanmar. Death toll: ~146,000Cyclone Sidr in 2007. Location: Bangladesh and West Bengal. Death toll: ~3500
There are many other statistics like this. Most recently an earthquake in Haiti, which is the worst earthquake in 200 years having a magnitude of 7.0, took millions of lives away and made some other 2 millions homeless. They are now fully dependent on the international aids.

Mankind has nothing to do with these disasters but defi…

Embracing 2010 & BANDARBANS

At the beginning our plan was to celebrate 31st night at Bandarbans... But for some troubles we had to postpone the plan by 1 day... Neither we wanted to cancel the Bandarbans trip nor we wanted to pass the 31st night without any celebration... Then suddenly an extra spot was added to our travel-list. That's Cox's Bazar. Bandarbans is not very far away from Cox's Bazar. According to our tight plan we celebrated 31st night at Cox's Bazar. The journey to Cox's Bazar was awesome. We gained some unforgettable memories on that journey. We reached Cox's at 11.30PM! It was truly amazing how everything was on our side. We went to a DJ party and passed the rest of the night at beach and inside our vehicles!! One thing is worth mentioning that is because of DST we had to set our time 1 hour back at 11.59PM of 31st night... If government didn't have done this on that special day we might had to pass our 31st night inside the vehicle!! But I mentioned earlier... everyt…