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Hazards and Mankind

Disaster can be of many types. But the most hazardous among them is the natural disasters. Human kingdom becomes helpless at that point. Let's have a quick look on the top recent natural disasters:
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004. Location: Indian Ocean. Death toll: ~230,000
  • Bam earthquake in 2003. Location: Iran. Death toll: ~30,000
  • Gujarat earthquake in 2001. Location: India. Death toll: ~20,000
  • Sichuan earthquake in 2008. Location: China. Death toll: ~69,197
  • Kashmir earthquake in 2005. Location: Pakistan. Death toll: ~86,000
  • Cyclone Nargis in 2008. Location: Myanmar. Death toll: ~146,000
  • Cyclone Sidr in 2007. Location: Bangladesh and West Bengal. Death toll: ~3500

There are many other statistics like this. Most recently an earthquake in Haiti, which is the worst earthquake in 200 years having a magnitude of 7.0, took millions of lives away and made some other 2 millions homeless. They are now fully dependent on the international aids.

Mankind has nothing to do with these disasters but definitely they can reduce the possibility of some future disasters. Global warming is something which has a lot to deal with our activities. We all are concerned about the recent United Nations Climate Change Conference held in Copenhagen. It started on 7 December, 2009 and ended on 18 of the same month. But eventually all the debates of that conference became literally fruitless. All the big CO2 ejaculatory countries have failed to give their words on decreasing the CO2 emission to an expected level. A simple 2°C rise in the world temperature would demolish many densely populated lands. The worst sufferer would be the poor countries. We have many suggestions for those big giants but they won't think of humanity first. Their main concerns are power and economy!

We can personally attempt a few things to reduce Global warming. When the number of "we" becomes a large one it would definitely put some good effect on the environment.
  • Try recycling and reusing
  • Use less heat and air conditioning
  • Replace your regular light bulbs to CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs
  • Drive less, drive smart
  • Encourage public transport
  • Use energy-efficient products
  • Use the switch "Off"
  • Plant trees and encourage the gardening as a hobby
There are many other little steps which can collectively make this world a better place to live. So, don't get frustrated on the failure of the giants. Let's try it from the root level. We would definitely do some good to our future generations!

My friend Anas posted a link to an outstanding website in his Facebook profile. You give 1 right answer, they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme to help the hunger!!! You must try the site! Here's the link: FreeRice. Little effort, yet effective.


  1. Yes, a less polluted world would for sure be a better world.
    And the big giants as you put it could for sure do a better job.
    I think one of the oddest attempts to manipulate this polution problem is for a company to buy carbon credits -

  2. Yes... That's very true as carbon is the main reason of environmental polution.

  3. terrible, my friend. A lot of soldiers form Brasil and other contryes died in this earthquake. they were in peace mission.

  4. @Palazzo: May their soul rest in peace. I feel more terrible now after learning about the connection of USA with the earthquake!

  5. This is an excellent and important post, Riyadh. The Copenhagen Conference turned out to be a huge disappointment. Believe me, I am ashamed that we didn't make a commitment then and there to lead the world into a healthier future and to set an example for China that has only just begun killing the environment. Alas, you are right. It will take people at the grassroots level to effect the kind of concern and change necessary to save the planet.

  6. @Aunt: You are right Aunt.... this is real shame for the entire humanity... That's nothing different then killing this world softly ad slowly... They must give it the top most priority.

  7. yes, actually so much that the giants can do... more is actually up to individuals... lets do it right!! nice post!! keep it up!! cheers...

  8. @dknypg: Thanks mate... We do need to initialize it!


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