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Ant's talking

[Is that ant saying "hi"...?]

When I took this picture I didn't know I would get this much detail. It was hard to focus as the little ant was moving very quickly. But when I saw this picture on my monitor I felt like the ant was shouting then. May be in an inaudible way. But don't know why I feel like that the ant was shouting to his neighbouring ants saying: "Hey buddies... I'm about to fly now!!" A weird guess but look closely at the picture... I think you won't fully disagree.

I see no limit when I'm dreaming!

When you dream of nothing... You actually dream of a lot. Reason? Reason is: in that particular time you actually dream of living without dreams! That's ridiculous! Never limit your dreams... let them fly... in your limitless sky...

[photo-credit: tobi]

A View of Mount Everest from the International Space Station

Look how little the Mount Everest is! But when you try to see this mountain from the ground your eyes may find it hard to catch the peak. It's all about your vision!

[Info: Astronaut Dan Bursch, a member of the Expedition 4 crew on the International Space Station, took this image detailed image of Everest, the highest (29,035 feet, 8850 meters) mountain in the world, showing early morning light on the eastern Kangshung Face. The mountains appear to jump out of the picture because the image was taken with low sunlight using an electronic still camera equipped with an 800 mm lens.]