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Flies' Meeting

They use to fly. But I have never seen them flying together. I guess they don't. But it's probable that they sit together. Never saw them this calm and quiet. I moved along the stick. I took couples of snaps. I even used flash! But they kept on being steady. Then my friend took a wrong step while he was trying to take their picture. He moved the stick. And that ended their meeting.

The Dark Night

This boy hypothesizes that human lifespan is only 12 years. Why? He says 'Long ago human used to live for 300/400 years. In course of time as human race developed the lifespan reduced and now it has become only 12 years!' Then I told him 'Human normally lives near about 60/70 years, even you already lived more than 12 years!' Then he said 'I mean soon it's going to be 12 years'. He also thinks that if anyone cut down a tree anywhere then somewhere in the world a human being also loses life. That means a human life for a life of a tree!
His name is Rubel. A 16 years old rickshaw puller who drives rickshaw mostly during late night hours in the roads of Dhaka City.
We met him at Shahbag when me and my pal Sabbir decided to have a late night rickshaw ride. After a while Rubel got the chance to chat with us as we gave him some rest cause both me and my friend fulfilled our wish tonight to ride rickshaw on the roads of Dhaka.
Rubel's family used to live in Ra…

A Boy & A Tree

I can't certainly remember where I have got this... But I guess it's the IUT Lan. It's also an experimental post as I'm using Picasa embedded slide-show here for the first time in my blog. Use the buttons to play it according to your convenience. Hope it's going to work well. And about the story you are just going to watch: It's an amazing one! Check it out!