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Time travel

That boy is still learning. Still getting newer philosophy of life everyday. Still learning more about the people he is surrounded by. He's taking a decision one day and the next day he's changing it. He tries to be perfectly cool about the changes he face everyday. And apparently, he is close to the accomplishment most of the time. When he was a kid he used to think . . . . Ummmm. . . actually he forgot. He always had a lot of conflicted thoughts and complaints about himself. He had several wars against himself. He lost and he won. He recovered and he got infected again. And the next day he fought back again. Recovery came back and kissed his toes. He got frustrated when he saw himself doing the same mistakes again. He thought he could never get out of misery. But later he discovered it's just a never ending ride and often the way is circular. Now he appreciates the thing that he used to blame himself for. Acceptance is often a hard task to do when it comes to a negative…