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Into the Clouds

It all started with an idle chat. At the beginning of the previous semester while coming back to IUT, me and my friend Imrat were talking about crossing the border. We got confused, we changed decision and we changed decision again. Finally, it ended up with four IUTIANS: Me, Imrat, Fahd and Fahim. Even two days before we started our journey it was uncertain. Then all on a sudden everything came back on track. Eventually, after 7 hours late of our scheduled flight we flied to Nepal by GMG Airlines.

We landed at Kathmandu airport on 25th May, 9:30pm local time. As mentioned in our package arranged by Lexus a person picked us up to the hotel Tenki. It is located at Thamel, center for tourists in Kathmandu. Everything is available at Thamel. We saw many bars on the way which is unfamiliar in our country. We even saw prostitutes on the street bargaining with their customers! On that night Kathmandu seemed similar to Dhaka to me except the whole city slept too early.

As scheduled, we started at 7am from Kathmandu to Pokhara by bus named Baba Travels. Before getting up in the bus I tasted local tea and the most common tobacco of Nepal named Suriya. While crossing the roads of Kathmandu I didn't find it anymore similar to Dhaka. It seemed more classical. Suddenly we got into the hilly tracks. It was like we were getting surrounded by mountains. Our surroundings were getting more and more beautiful as we got higher in the mountains. We saw high mountain peaks covered with clouds. We saw clouds below us. We got into the clouds! It was a life time experience. We had two breaks at two different restaurants. That Baba bus had something in it. Whenever I got into that bus it made me sleepy within a couple of minutes. After a nap and getting dazzled by the beauty of nature we reached Pokhara at 2.30pm. We went to our fixed hotel Panaroma by Taxi. I must thank our travel agent for booking this excellent hotel for us. To be honest, the 1st thing that captured our eyes when we reached the hotel was the receptionist. She was pretty. I had an idea that Nepali girls were not that beautiful which was proved wrong as soon as we got out in the roads. Infact, most of them are beautiful. All of them have amazing hair and skin. That's because of their weather and altitude I guess. There was a nice view of mountain peaks from the hotel. We went out for sight seeing within half an hour. It was arranged by our hotel Panaroma. On that half day sight seeing we covered Devi's fall through Mahendra Cave, regional museum, Vindabasini Mandir, Seti River and Fewa lake. Getting into the Mahendra cave gave us a taste of real adventure and at last reaching the Devi's fall through that cave made us feel like we conquered something! Fewa lake was our last destination on that day. We had coffee in a shop beside that lake in the afternoon. In the evening we took a walk around the city. We checked out different shops and restaurants. also had the night view of the lake which was truly artistic. I must mention the lake of Pokhara is 7kms long. And the altitude of the city is near about 1600meter! Finally after checking out different restaurants we had our dinner with Indian dishes. Later after coming back to hotel we had a chat in the hotel balcony which was accompanied by a dazzling moon with a colorful halo and the mountains on the other side.

[Just after arriving at hotel Panaroma]
[A view of Pokhara city from the balcony of Panaroma]
[Inside Mahendra Cave]
[Devi's fall]
[View of mountain peak from Vindabasini Mandir]
[Night view of Fewa lake with the dazzling moon]
[Most common tourist road of Pokhara at night]

Next morning, we woke up at 5am (!) to catch the sunrise scenery and the hill view from Sarongkot which was 2900meter high from the sea level! After reaching that spot we became speechless for some moments... Proper prize for all the money we spent, all the long journey we made! Actually I'm kind of having shortage of words to express what we saw. The high mountain peaks covered with snow and clouds and the fresh morning sun rays on those peaks! It was like the fire of beauty! You can't even imagine how beautiful is that until you see that with your own naked eyes. We saw Machapuchare or Fish's Tail and other 8000m+ peaks of Annapurna range and Himalayas. I couldn't find any better company than a cup of tea to enjoy that beautiful scenery. We stayed there near about 1 hour. Our next resort was Stupa. It's a Buddhist Peace Temple. 1st we had to cross the lake by a boat as it was in the opposite side and then we had to climb near about 50 minutes as it was located nearly 1100feet above the lake. It was tiring and exciting at the same time. When we reached Stupa we really felt a touch of peace there. We had the nicest view of Pokhara city from the peace temple. A lake, a nice and clean city and mountains as border. It was truly a dream city! In the afternoon we went out for exploring the main city of Pokhara. It was kind of busy at that time. The thing that impressed me was the women of Nepal are very active. You can see them everywhere... on the bike, on the roads, inside the shops.... everywhere. Sometimes I felt that girls were the majority in Nepal! I assume that's not incorrect. We ate various sweets from a sweet shop. Later on that night we did shopping for our family and friends. We had dinner at a musical restaurant. I'm not sure how to say this but the food experience in Nepal wasn't that good for me. Their taste didn't suit me perfectly.The night ended with the rain on the beautiful city of Pokhara...

[Sunrise view from Sarongkot. Most of them are 8000+ meter high]
[Beauty of sunrise from Sarongkot]
[High mountain peaks view from Sarongkot]
[Scattered sun rays]
[Fewa lake]
[We were walking up to Stupa, the Peace Temple]
[Climbed almost the half way... behind us that's the Pokhara City]
[The Stupa]

Next morning we returned to Kathmandu. We started for Nagorkot within half an hour of our arrival to catch the sunset scene on Mount Everest! We had the most beautiful mountain view while driving upto Nagorkot. Finally we were above 2100meter above the sea level to have a look on the top of the world! At 1st an European tourist told us that we couldn't see Mount Everest that day as the clouds were everywhere. Then we finally discovered a peak out of those clouds and a Japanese couple confirmed us that was Mount Everest. I felt like I conquered it! When you see Mount Everest you would know by yourself that's the Mount Everest. It has a proud look that makes it different from all the other peaks. I must mention Musa Ibrahim who conquered Mount Everest as the 1st Bangladeshi just before a few days of our trip. After enjoying the sunset view we returned to Kathmandu at 9pm. Had a little shopping and dinner from a street shop. It was simultaneously cheap and delicious. We had Momo there which is known as the traditional food of Nepal. That was the last night of our trip. We were already missing it!

[Tower of Nagorkot...from where we had seen the Mount Everest]
[That pointed peak is the Mount Everest]
[Sunset view from Nagorkot]

Next day we had half day city tour in Kathmandu. We saw various temples and historical places including Pashupati Temple, Swambhu Temple, Darbar Square These places represents the classical Nepal. Pashupati was our last destination.

[Swambhu Temple]
[A view of Kathmandu City from Swambhu Temple]
[Thousands of pigeons moving around Darbar Square]
[Darbar Square, Old Kathmandu]

Then we boarded on our flight at 2.20pm. Had an amazing view of Nepal from the plane as the sky was somewhat clear. Suddenly we discovered that we were seeing all the high peaks which were raising their heads above the clouds. Nothing could give our trip a better finishing than that.

[Mountain peaks above the clouds. This was taken from the plane]

We landed in Dhaka at 4pm local time. Safe, happy and accomplished.


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