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Friends... It's our day!

No relationship is as pure as friendship. It has no boundary, no limitation. It's freedom. It's affection. It's caring and sharing. It's accompanying. It's love without any condition. It's giving without waiting for getting anything in return. It's friendship... A relationship which is a gift from God... A relationship which is still pure.

[@cox's bazar.. 31st December, 2008]

My friends... I don't know what should I say... You have been the very best thing in my life... You are the persons with whom I can be myself... You are the persons with whom I laugh the most... You are the persons whose company can wipe out any kind of pain of this world... You are the persons which save my day from not being boring... You are the persons who know me even better than my parents... You are the persons who understand me... You are the persons with whom I can share anything without any hesitation... I love you guys... I just never felt the need to say this... Happ…