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My Humanhood

When we see clouds... we say... "it's going to rain..." or else we say... "it doesn't matter because sun is always smiling behind those gloomy clouds... Which one is being optimistic? The answer will be the last one in most of the cases. But I think it's not being optimistic. It's a mere sympathy. It's ignoring the fact. It's showing your back to the truth.

Anyway, tonight I'm running out of this sympathetic words... so called "words of wisdom". These words help us to ignore the little facts of our life and let us concentrate on the bigger ones. These words... definitely help us move on. But tonight... They are not applicable to me.

It's not like my life is so painful, so tough. It's not like I'm frustrated... giving up all hopes. It's not like I have no reason to smile... no reason to be happy. It's all about few questions. Few unanswered questions...

Asking questions will not help. Words of wisdom failed to impress. What's better than our simple wishes... simple prayers? Nothing.

Mom... I want you to get well soon.
Dad... I want you to relax.
Nahid... I want you to settle down.
Rizvi... I want you to balance your studies and games.
June... I want you to be happy and love me forever.
Friends... I want you guys to be as lively as always.

Almighty I pray to you to accept my prayers and forgive my sins.

I sigh. Deeply. I think. For a while. I lose concentration. I talk. I keep silent. Then I breathe. Again. Deeply. Freely. I'm a human being. I have no doubt. Because I always hope for better things to happen.

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  1. I have been catching up on my reading at your blog tonight. This post in particular is written so tenderly, Riyadh, that it broke my heart and made it sing at the same moment.

  2. Actually sometimes I run out of words to express my deepest feelings. But when I sit to write a post here in my blog... I just feel so much freedom and my hands type exactly what I want to say.

    Thanks Aunt.

  3. Hello :),

    Just came across this blog and found this image that I've used on my blog once :P. Nice post.

  4. No wonder.... It's a nice image!

    Thanks for stopping by... Hope to see you frequently.


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