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The Dreamland (My 1st Magpie: Mag 29)

[Discovered this via Lydia. I thank Magpie Tales for this wonderful innovative opportunity]

Ricky: Hold on a second Jes! (Shouting loudly)
Jessy: I can't wait for you Rick! (Running away to the yard through the door)

Ricky came running at the yard after few minutes. He was panting.
Ricky: Who will be the cop?
Jessy: Me!
Ricky: No Me!
Jessy: Okay, let's toss.

Ricky and Jessy went to the kitchen and asked their mom to give them a coin.

Mrs. Richard: Why do you need a coin? (A big surprised question mark on her face)
Mr. Richard: Because they want to decide who would be the cop! (Shouting from the living room and laughing)

After the toss, Jessy turned out to be the cop! Ricky gave a bitter look to Jessy's smiling face.

According to the rule the cop has to stay inside the home with closed eyes for 1 minute and by then the thief hides himself/herself.

Ricky hid himself in the garden and after one minute Jessy came out to find his brother. She had to do it within 5 minutes. Otherwise s…

I'm going Green!!

Finally... after a lot of changes and experiments.. I decided to go green! I tried to give a greenish look to my blog. At first I tried black background which didn't satisfy me. Then I changed it... tried new colors and even tried some images for full background. And eventually I ended up with this look.

The blog header photo contains many important persons of my "life". And the color green symbolizes "life".

And that's how it's "a walk through my life"! :)

Meet the Vandarians!

For all these days I have been blogging I mentioned the name of "Vandarians" many many times in my posts. Well, today, I'm going to let everyone meet the "Vandarians"!!!

Raju (N***)
He is busy in Europe now. Changing his location every month. He has a built-in scanner in his eyes :P.

Kawser (Naitta)
Drama king!! Emerging pied piper of Vandarians.

Nishat (Eskarap)
He has a, not little, a huge crack in his head. The only businessman of our group. He likes bus drivers a lot.

Maruf (Shadhu Baba)
Lolz... He is a hard working guy and he finds his fuel in vegetables! :P

Alvi (Keltu)
He he... He has the most varied collection of facial expressions I have ever seen. Believe me he is a PRO! :P

Shantunu (Mental)
The only fully functional mad of this world.

Mithun (Box)
He is a good boy-bad boy. He lives in a BOX, He has a BOX in his head. In a word... He is the complete solution for BOX.

Tomal (Khustiar ***)
He is not one. He is two-in-one. He thinks he is very kind... Be ca…

You are tagged!!

Well... Tagging in blog is a common fashion I guess. Many days back I was tagged by an Egyptian blogger. She doesn't blog that much now. That was the 1st time. Today one of my blogger friend Mahmud reminded me of this culture again by tagging me in his blog. So let's do it!

Rules of Tagging: Tell your readers 10 things about yourself that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Link back to the blogger who tagged you.Alright. Now here goes the 10 things about myself that I would like to share with you guys:
I love to sleep. And my sleep is too deep to be broken by a mere alarm.I like to travel and I'm never tired of that.I love my hometown (Chittagong) a lot and it gets hard for me if I don't visit it atleast twice a month. I cannot stand too much cold.Everytime I buy a shade I lose it within 1 or two weeks. That's why I don't buy it now. I bo…

A too early Farewell!

[before entering the party... all are with same T-shirt... representing only one thing: IUT '06]

We came to IUT in January 2007. It's 2010. We are close to finish our ride in IUT. Hopefully our batch will graduate in 1st week of November this year. I seek everyone's prayer and help from Almighty for passing these final tough days. According to the tradition our Farewell has been given bit earlier because of Ramadan. Yah.. It's bit early. And I feel it's bit too early for me. Am I that old to take farewell from my university? I don't feel that way. It's like we came here few weeks ago... And now the farewell bells have already been rung.. It was our last ever big party at IUT. We are never going to rock the auditorium with some incredible bands... It feels bad sometimes. But hey! we are not out yet. :D We still have 3 months to go! :D

[they are the official and unofficial members of room# 507... the center for EEE'06]

I would like to thank 07 batch of IUT f…