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The Dreamland (My 1st Magpie: Mag 29)

[Discovered this via Lydia. I thank Magpie Tales for this wonderful innovative opportunity]

Ricky: Hold on a second Jes! (Shouting loudly)
Jessy: I can't wait for you Rick! (Running away to the yard through the door)

Ricky came running at the yard after few minutes. He was panting.

Who will be the cop?

Jessy: Me!

Ricky: No Me!

Jessy: Okay, let's toss.

Ricky and Jessy went to the kitchen and asked their mom to give them a coin.

Mrs. Richard:
Why do you need a coin? (A big surprised question mark on her face)

Mr. Richard:
Because they want to decide who would be the cop! (Shouting from the living room and laughing)

After the toss, Jessy turned out to be the cop! Ricky gave a bitter look to Jessy's smiling face.

According to the rule the cop has to stay inside the home with closed eyes for 1 minute and by then the thief hides himself/herself.

Ricky hid himself in the garden and after one minute Jessy came out to find his brother. She had to do it within 5 minutes. Otherwise she would lose.

I can see you Rick! (Though she didn't find any sign of him)

Ricky was smiling silently as he knew his sister. But one thing that he didn't know that his father always helped Jessy from behind when Ricky acted as cop.

Jessy looked at her father with a cute evil smile. Her father showed the direction into the garden with his cunning eyes.

Jessy was approaching Ricky without making any noise. When Ricky understood he was going to get caught he thought of something and smiled.

Wooooh!! (Shouting very loudly near Jessy's ear)

Oh.. you had almost killed me! You cheater!

Then Ricky started to run and Jessy went on chasing him.

A slow classical music was being played on the cassette player. Mr. Richard was reading the newspaper and looking calmly at his son and daughter's childish activities.

Mrs. Richard: Everyone!! Clean yourself up and come to the table... Snacks are ready! (Shouting loudly)

Suddenly there was a huge sound inside that place. All other sounds were stopped. The chuckling of Ricky and Jessy, the shouting of Mrs. Richard and the slow classical music... everything were stopped. The yard turned into a field of ashes. The fine house turned into some messy pieces of particles. The above picture was taken a month before this incident.

The incident happened on August 6, 1945. The house was located at the city of Hiroshima.

Mr. & Mrs. Richard were the American Citizens who migrated to Japan on 1935. Mr. Richard used to work for some N.G.O there and Mrs. Richard used to do part -time job in a kindergarten school. Ricky and Jessy were their children studying in a nearby school. Ricky was 10 and Jessy was 12. Mr. Richard named this beautiful house "The Dreamland". A perfect name for this fine house indeed.

The house is not still there. The cruel atomic bomb devastated the house into pieces. Took away four fine lives. They didn't even had time to realize that all their dreams were being taken away. They were innocent. So was the house.

You can build the house again. With the same design and stuffs because you have the picture of it. But can you plant the dream there again which Mr. Richard and his family sewed together decades ago?

[Characters are imaginary]
©M Riyadh Sharif


  1. oh my- this took my breath away...
    makes one think about all the lives lost everywhere because of wars. and it continues to this day...when will we ever learn?

  2. dang...your twist about broke my neck...a harrowing sober magpie...brilliant for your first...

  3. This was the LAST thing I expected. I got to this part "The yard turned into a field of ashes. The fine house turned into some messy pieces of particles" mu heart dropped then I read the bit about Hiroshima my heart sank the rest of the way.
    You really told this well with such a surprise ending I loved it!

  4. I can't think of a greater tragedy than the potential of a life not lived. Such a powerful tale.

  5. What a shocking ending. Well written.
    Good Magpie

  6. A chilling reminder that war has no benefit to victims. Well written.

  7. What a tragic and unexpected turn to the sweet tale. Funny, I just posted about my trip to Japan, where I visited the chilling Hiroshima Memorial. It was an experience I will never forget.

    Welcome to Magpie! Excellent piece!

  8. @Kathew: Demolition of lives continues for smaller reasons... Reasons like power, like economy, like hatred. I think we will never learn it as a team, as a nation. If one person learns today someone else will learn from him tomorrow.

    @Brian Miller: Thank you so much. I was so unhappy to break the happiness of that family like this.

    @Amanda: Thanks a lot. I guess this is how still many lives are being wasted...many dreams are being neglected.

    Angie: Thanks. A life means a lot. We can understand it by heart only if we think of the existence of our own life.

    @Sue J: Thank you :).

    @Tumblewords: A war means a lot of blood, a lot of lives. How can war be a good thing when it costs so much than it achieves...?

    @Willow: I was feeling really bad when I had to turn the happiness to a tragedy. Thanks a lot.

  9. Riyadh! You wrote something so engaging and fun to follow along....and then {{!]] It became startling, so shocking and powerful. I am thrilled to read some of your creative writing and maybe will see you back for the next Magpie?

  10. @Lydia: Thank you so much Aunt. I'm really impressed with the "Magpie Idea"... And I think I will there very frequently! :)


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