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You are tagged!!

Well... Tagging in blog is a common fashion I guess. Many days back I was tagged by an Egyptian blogger. She doesn't blog that much now. That was the 1st time. Today one of my blogger friend Mahmud reminded me of this culture again by tagging me in his blog. So let's do it!

Rules of Tagging:
  • Tell your readers 10 things about yourself that they may or may not know, but are true.
  • Tag 10 people with the award, and be sure to let them know they’ve been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do).
  • Link back to the blogger who tagged you.
Alright. Now here goes the 10 things about myself that I would like to share with you guys:
  1. I love to sleep. And my sleep is too deep to be broken by a mere alarm.
  2. I like to travel and I'm never tired of that.
  3. I love my hometown (Chittagong) a lot and it gets hard for me if I don't visit it atleast twice a month.
  4. I cannot stand too much cold.
  5. Everytime I buy a shade I lose it within 1 or two weeks. That's why I don't buy it now. I borrow it from my friends and often against their will.
  6. I hate Apple (the company).
  7. Sometimes I think a lot and sometimes I just don't think at all.
  8. I have a little patience.
  9. I have a bad memory. I forget things very quickly.
  10. I want to be rich enough someday in near future atleast to be able to visit the places I want to see around the world.
Well... That's pretty much I guess. If I do this tagging thing again in future I will make sure that I don't repeat these things.

This is what given to me by Mahmud:

This is real cute I must say. Thank you very much Mahmud. And now I'm giving away this award to 10 people I would always remember whenever I hear the word - "Blog":


I want to give a brief intro about these 10 people I tagged:

Lydia: I call her Aunt. She is probably the best gift I ever had in this Blogosphere.

Şenay: My blogger friend from Turkey. She closed her old blog. That's why I couldn't link her blog. Probably she will open a new blog very soon and I will give the link as soon as I know the address.

Robin: One of my very first inspiration in blogging. Her link also unavailable right now.

Mahmud: The one who tagged me. A natural writer. A good friend.

Grayquill: I respect this guy for his straight-forward opinions.

Betsey: If anyone reads her blog I'm sure he/she will get the idea about the beauty of her thoughts.

Christine: What's better than inspiring people? She's a life-coach. I'm a fan of the quotations she mentions in her blog.

Lopa: Got to know her very recently via Mahmud. Well... to be honest... I was feeling happier and happier when I was going through her writings... An interesting blogger!

Farjana: She is also a new friend to me. She is a free-thinker I guess. Her writings told me that.

Carlos: I'm fan of his photography!

As per the rule I would like to request to all my tagged friends to follow the rules of tagging, write a post like this and accept the awards.

It's beautiful how we get to know each other in blog. It's more beautiful how easily we can link each other!


  1. What a fun tag post, Riyadh! I am honored by your comments about me and I hope you are able to travel here for us to meet one day. Regarding your #1 thing about yourself.....I am exactly that way, too! One time my husband and I slept through fire truck sirens as they arrived to put out a huge fire in a church very near our apartment. What woke me up were the crazy lights flashing on the walls in our bedroom (both from the fire trucks and the fire)!

    I will work on my tag questions later in the week.

  2. wao, the idea is really nice to create a fun circle :) I would try to do the same from my new English blog :)

    Thanks for tagging me and its really nice to know 10 honest things about co-bloggers :)

  3. Thanks Riyadh... nicely done tag.
    You know, I rarely find any BD blogger over here. But this time I would move forward taking you with me iA :)

    You are a born traveler... lots of plans :D :D

    Thanks for the mentioning my name :-)

  4. Thanks buddy. I'm already tagged by Faisal. Hope to write soon. Thanks for the intro!

    By the way, you seem to have deleted the tag notification from the comment section of my latest post. What's wrong? ;)

    Take care, bro!

  5. @Aunt: Haha... I'm not alone I see! :D Well... I'm very notorious for my unusual depth of sleep. There are many many incidents that would probably make you laugh. I hope I will recollect some of them and put them together in a post someday.

    And I'm sure I will meet you oneday. Just keep giving me hope. Like you always do Aunt. Thanks a lot. And a lot love from me.

    @Jajabor: Thanks for stopping by and I'm really waiting to know your 10 things! Write soon!

    @Mahmud: Well.. Thanks bro. It was you who inspired me for making this done. So we all are grateful to you. And yah.. lots of plans :D. Pray for me bro.

    @Mind writer: I have already read your post and just about to put my comment there. And about the "tag notification". Actually I didn't understand a thing. Could you please help me out sista!!

  6. You didn't understand what? The Tiger Shark story? Or my 10 things? Ask me anything if you want to know specifically... I actually didn't understand what you didn't understand! :D

  7. Actually I didn't understand your previous comment.
    "By the way, you seem to have deleted the tag notification from the comment section of my latest post. What's wrong? ;)"
    This part. Have I really deleted something? Sorry for being so dumb. :P


  8. Now I got it. I got this email notification on Gmail.

    M Riyadh Sharif has left a new comment on your post "In Memory of My Tiger Shark":

    I guess we are from same neighborhood! You are tagged in my post

    Check it out!

    Posted by M Riyadh Sharif to My Envision at Monday, August 09, 2010 11:25:00 PM

    When I checked the post comments, it wasn't there. So I thought you might've deleted it. Or it didn't get posted for some reason/problem in Blogger.

    I guess the confusion in clear now! :D

  9. ohhh.... Now I got it... It was about the poor internet connection. My comment wasn't getting posted that day so I did it 2/3 times. And I deleted one as I thought there was a double copy of my comment.

    Thanks for the clarification. It's all clear now :)


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