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Yaba: So called Posh Addiction!!

Yaba, the Thai word for "crazy medicine," is a tablet form of methamphetamine. Nowadays it is the most popular addiction in metropolitan areas of Bangladesh. When it first came to Bangladesh in 1999 each pill had cost ~Tk1500. But now it's available at Tk250-400. Initially it was available in two or three special locations of Gulshan and Baridhara. But now Yaba can be delivered to home if ordered over the phone!

It is believed that Yaba has entered Bangladesh from Myanmar and Thailand. The most shocking news is, a Yaba making factory is recently discovered in Gulshan by RAB!!

Most addicts are aged between 18-30 but there are many younger and older users. Women are a major part of the total number of addicts. Many artists in the media are also addicted to it badly. As it is costly, mostly rich people go for it. As a result it has become a posh(!) drug in the city!

The temporary effects of Yaba which the addicts try to enjoy are: It stimulates body, increases alertness and awareness and keeps one up for long hours. It also stimulates sexuality temporarily. 

Now, let's see what are the long-term bad effects of Yaba:
  • Tremor (An involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear))
  • Hypertension 
  • Hallucinations (A frequent hallucination is 'speed bugs' or 'crank bugs'. The user believes bugs live under his or her skin and becomes desperate to get them out.)
  • Paranoid delusions (a belief of a suspicious nature, where the person believes something is not right with them, another person(s), or the world in general, which poses serious problems for them. )
  • Violent behavior  
  • Hyperthermia (Abnormally high body temperature; sometimes induced (as in treating some forms of cancer))
  • Convulsion (Violent uncontrollable contractions of muscles)
  • Agitation (A mental state of extreme emotional disturbance)
  • Anxiety and nervousness 
  • Memory loss
  • Psychosis similar to schizophrenia (characterized by paranoia, picking at the skin, self absorption, and visual and auditory hallucinations
  • It causes damage to brain and makes a person act like a psycho
  • It is also believed to reduce the sexual power of an addict miserably as a long-term effect
  • Damages lungs and kidneys
  • Insomnia
  • Hair loss is also an indicator of a long-term user
  • Creates lower back pain
  • Death
People who intake Yaba don't understand the huge slow damage they go through. And Yaba addicts also think that they do it for fun and it's not actually an addiction. This idea is totally wrong. Methamphetamine in all forms is very dangerous and has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Moderate to chronic use of Yaba and other methamphetamines may lead to physical and psychological dependence, and even death.

The thing that's going on in Bangladesh is that being addicted in Yaba addicts may be inclined to behave like the smart boy who is bedded on wrong conception on smartness and personality. Smartness emanate from the principle of integrity, faith, justice and tranquility. They are usually found committing mistakes in defining smartness and modernity. They develop a passion for it and make it a style.

Remedy? Is in your hand.

But here's what you can do for the addicts:
  • Discuss the bad effect of Yaba with your friend who is an addict
  • Write about the bad effects and spread it. You can use newspaper, magazine, university magazines, your blog, notice boards etc
  • Give medical treatment to the addicted person
  • Make an addict understand how heavenly you feel just because you don't take it
  • Arresting the criminals who sell it and distribute it
Actually government has a lot to do to stop this. But as in reality, you can't depend on the government, you can put your little efforts to make your close ones withdraw it. These little efforts are the most effective.

Readers, please share this with your friends.

[Sources: National and International Newspapers, Online magazines, Articles about drugs, Blogs and this is the photo-source.]


  1. as u told ''it keeps one awake for longer duration''

    so the students can easily be tempted towards this drug by sales person..... definitely a proper education must provided about such manipulated drugs.
    May Allah bless us.

  2. It's spreading like no other thing in the town. BD youths are soon going to pay for it if they don't start hating this crap.

  3. its really a matter of concern....
    it really shows ur concern towrds the gennext of the country.... something should be done sooner than later...

  4. I see addicted people offering other people their addictions! How mean they are! Its moral conscience that needs to be upgraded at first.

  5. Good work putting up the info your doing a good work. This will be the demise to the future os this nation. This very well is organized crime and international bs on the country.

  6. i smoked Yaba once. it's actually nothing but shit. Made my mouth bitter. Cigerrete is the best of all smoking stuff

  7. Yaba is bullshit. Cigarette might be the best of all smoking stuff. But it's still one of the worst addiction! And a lot of people are dying each and everyday for disease related to tobacco! :/

  8. addict's friendMarch 23, 2013 at 8:44 PM

    i took it for 4 to 5 times as my best friend is an addict somehow i loved it but i dont wana do it any more , will i leave him or stay with him ? please advise

    1. Please stop being around that friend, I was an user for 3 years, then I went to detox, rehab and other facilities. This is how it starts, and these friends are called Bad Boundaries. He or she might be a very good friend of yours, like blood, and it might not be your friends intention to turn you into a user, but you will anyhow end up being one. It is more dangerous for you, as you liked it, this is how it starts, you say you'll do it 'just once' and then stop, but that day never comes. You have no idea how low it'll bring you, how much you'll lose, physically, mentally and from the society and by the time you realize all that, it'll be too late. It's your life, and it goes the way you want it to go, it's all up to you man.

  9. i have taken most of the drugs in the world,but i have found YABA most dangerous like CRACK COCAINE,I HAVE TAKEN 6/7 MONTH,BY THIS TIME I HAVE LOST MONEY MY FAMILY AND MOSTLY MYSELF...INTERESTING THING I COULD NOT NOTICED WHILE I WAS HAVING IT...Please my friend don even dare to carry stop,just beleive "FIRST DOSE DOES THE DAMAGE".Hope i can make you guyz understand.

    1. Am trying man but, i think i can't . . . . .

  10. During this time, Substance abuse treatment Center program gained the attention and respect of President Ronald Reagan. While visiting the Houston facility in 1983, he told residents: "We believe in many of the same things, such as opportunity, hard work and [the] self-confidence that work can bring. ...

  11. I've been taking it for quite sometime....I had tremendous confidence that I can take or leave anything I want....and that happened to most of the other drugs that I took....(did'nt leave aanything that is available in Bangladesh).... but not this one...I can feel...that it has started inhaling me...not the other way round....decided to stop it right from now....You too do the same


  12. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this post. It was
    practical. Keep on posting!

  13. Is it that bad? I feel like trying once in my life. What do you guys say


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