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The Two Kinds

What most people do is.. they create a little world around them, spend time and effort on it and finally try and force to control that world. But most of the time the output is a messy one. No matter how small is your world, you can never put your 100% control over any thing. 

Here comes the part of those few wise people... They don't create a world around them. They imagine that the whole world is belong to them. They try to adopt to the different phases of the world. They ingest the fragrance of new things and enrich their soul. They are the free people.

[photo source: google]

Pure Bliss

You have your life. You have your lovely family. You have trusted friends. You eat delicious food. You listen to great music with expensive sound system. You watch movie in HD. You go travel and visit new places. You go shopping and buy what you what. But by having all these things together can you make this pure blissful smile just for posing for a photo!? 
These children are from very poor family. I met them while collecting winter clothes in our nearby locality.  May be they haven't been captured in a camera before by their own will. I took a lot of snaps of them. They were so happy to pose, so happy to smile and so happy to see their face on my camera. Pure Bliss!

Photo Info
Location:Sonali Complex, Chittagong
Date: 17 Jan 2011, Time: Afternoon Occasion: AL_AMIN foundation Winter Clothes Collection
Photo taken with: Nokia C7 Edited with: Photoshop

Confined in a freezer !

The weather is freezing in our country at this moment. I have never seen this much cold in my entire life. The record lowest temperature of our country collected few days back in Jessore which was near about 4 degree Celsius. Usually I like winter but this time I don't... It's too much to tolerate! It's making me even more idle... I find it very hard to get up from bed and I should mention every shower in this winter is a dreadful struggle! These are the people who suffer the most. Infact, in our country there are many of them who cannot afford winter clothes. 4 people died yesterday in Isshordi because of this severe cold. Wealthy people try to help them by donating winter clothes. But you know what... It's never enough.... You can never reach all the hands... This is the thing I like most about winter.... Various kind of Pithas! In the picture you are seeing a "Vapa Pitha"... I miss my Grandma.... She used to make this Pitha every winter specially for me...…

Spiflication of Darkness

Sun gives life to this place... Many people come here to see the sunrise and sunset... But when the sun is gone the beauty of this place remains unembraced... That's how the light shows us the beauty... Spiflicate the darkness of your soul... Enlighten it too see its true beauty... Yes... You are not any less great than all the great people on this earth....
Photo Info
Location: Lembur Chor, Kuakata
Date: 29 Dec 2010, Time: Afternoon Occasion: None
Photo taken with: Nokia C7 Edited with: Photoshop

Kua Kua!!

Kuakata is the only place in Bangladesh where you can see perfect view of sunrise and sunset. To know more about Kuakata you can Google it. Here's the Wikipedia link for Kuakata... You can have a quick look if you want.

Sabbir had been telling me about Kuakata trip for one month. We were not sure of going there. Our friend Arif came from South Korea on his semester break for one month. All he wants to do in his vacation is traveling. Once he heard about Kuakata tour he happily agreed to go.  That's when me and Sabbir ended our confusion. We also convinced our friend Emon to join us. We were friends from college, Chittagong College.... That was a good time! I still cherish my college life... Well, I will write about my college life someday later. Today I'm going to share my experiences of Kuakata trip... And I guess it's better if I let the photos talk... :)
The River Padma at night. We were on a ferry then. Our journey just had begun.  Taken from another ferry next morn…