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Confined in a freezer !

The weather is freezing in our country at this moment. I have never seen this much cold in my entire life. The record lowest temperature of our country collected few days back in Jessore which was near about 4 degree Celsius. Usually I like winter but this time I don't... It's too much to tolerate! It's making me even more idle... I find it very hard to get up from bed and I should mention every shower in this winter is a dreadful struggle!
These are the people who suffer the most. Infact, in our country there are many of them who cannot afford winter clothes. 4 people died yesterday in Isshordi because of this severe cold. Wealthy people try to help them by donating winter clothes. But you know what... It's never enough.... You can never reach all the hands...
This is the thing I like most about winter.... Various kind of Pithas! In the picture you are seeing a "Vapa Pitha"... I miss my Grandma.... She used to make this Pitha every winter specially for me... I was a big fan of her Pitha.... May her soul rest in peace...

[photos are arbitrarily taken from Google]


  1. Fascinating post with some great pictures, Riyadh. I did not realize that you were having an unseasonably cold winter. That is happening in many places...this poor planet is struggling to remain what we've all come to expect. I think predictability may be a thing of the past. There are huge challenges ahead and whether or not mankind will be able to make necessary corrections soon enough to stop irreparable change, well that is the big question-isn't it?

    My heart is sick for those who are cold, suffering, dying. I worry so much about Seuli, the girl that we sponsored for two years who was married off by her family when she was 15. We were cut off from her at that time, but she will always be in my prayers.

    Pithas I have never heard of and I am not sure what I am looking at. I am very curious and must look further.


  2. The intense cold has come to an end today.... We are having a warm weather now.. Like it!

    I hope your heart-felt prayers may reach Seuli and make her life even better.

    Pitha means Cake... In winter there are many Pithas available in our country.... Most of them are home-made... This wiki link may help you know better about these Pithas:

    Love Aunt.


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