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Some Tech-Tricks I recently enjoyed

Want to enjoy Yahoo! Mail Plus for free?

Here is the simple trick:

Log in > Go to Options > Mail Option > Account Information > Under Account Settings change your regional setting to Yahoo! Asia. That's it! :) Now you can use POP in your free Yahoo! mail account! :)

Wondering how to make your Blogger blog suitable for mobile browsing?

Log in > Go to Dashboard > Under Tools and Resource Click "Blogger in Draft"

You can make it your default setting.

Now go to Settings > Email & Mobile > Enable Mobile Template > And enjoy!!

You can check a preview of mobile version of your blog.

Easiest way to set background for your Blogger blog with new Template introduced by Blogger:

Log in > New Post > Upload the desired image to your new post > Go to Edit HTML > Copy the 2nd link > Save the post as draft

Now go to > Design > Template designer > Advanced Tab > Select Add CSS

Now copy and paste following code:


New Look! :D

My blog is now furnished with a brand new look! :D
The new theme represents my country Bangladesh.I tried to preserve the 'Green' image as well. :)

Secret of a little girl and a begger

"It was a really long time ago and i was a little teenage girl back then.We were in the car and my dad was driving.When the traffic got stuck, this young man approached quietly.He wasn't able to talk cause he was mute and a little disabled.My heart believed that he wasn't acting.He had green eyes and dark curly hair.He just looked inside the window and tried to say something, he was wanting money or food of course but my father didn't give anything.He had this proud look on his face and even if he wanted something from us he was too proud to beg for it.He looked like defeated. He accepted the fact that he wasn't going to get anything from our car but he just looked and went away with this defeated look on his face.I wanted to give him money desperately! I wanted to tell him that everything will be alright.But instead i just had to hide my tears from my dad.Through the whole way, i thought about him and in my head i was imagining that i gave him money without showi…

Green-Red Angels

I went to Zohur Ahmed Chowdhury stadium yesterday to watch the Bangladesh VS Netherlands cricket match. It was the 2nd match in Chittagong. Bangladesh defeated England in the previous match which was also held in Chittagong. Against Netherlands, it was an easy victory for Bangladesh. Approximately 18000 spectators were present at the stadium that day to cheer up the Bangladesh cricket team. There were Mexican waves, whistles and non-stop applauds all over the stadium. Many people painted their face with green and red. Many other went there with green and red apparels. While capturing faces in VIP gallery I came across these little angels... I named them Green-Red angels. I am sure you won't disagree with the 2nd part of the name. :)
I have no words to express this beauty
Bangladeshi batsman just scored a "four". Happiness was glittering at this little kids face.
[photo taken with Sony Alpha 200]