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That day... That man-made bird...

This young man is trying to grab the man-made bird with his hand. He is my friend Emon, who is always cheerful and always the center of all hangouts.

It was a beautiful afternoon after a heavy rainfall in the morning. The air was fresh, the sunlight was mystic and the sea infront of us was jolly with its color. We ate some hot "Piaju", the hottest item of Chittagong Naval. We were enjoying the cool breeze and doing childish activities. It is always fun to go back to your childhood, isn't it? It's even better if it's with your childhood friends. The hangout continued until the sunset. The return journey was accompanied with songs from the voice of my another friend Jesun. Little moments... but give you big happiness.


Flying back to shelter.... Experience helped this crow predict the upcoming jeopardy of nature...

[Captured with: Nokia C7
Place: Chittagong Naval
Edited with: Photoshop & Picasa]