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Incase you want to do some "tumblring"

Hey blogger buddies... This might be very old experience for you but it's a brand new one for me. Yes, the image says it all... It's Tumblr! One again, I was inspired by my friend Şenay's Tweet to have a look on that site. Right after I visited it, I was not understanding anything! LOL.. I was acting like a dumb and she totally helped me out! :P Well, after hours of surfing now I know what it is and I love it. The attached image  is a funny one because it has nothing to do with the other websites it indicates but honestly, after Facebook, this site proved to be able to keep me busy with endless fun and vast open social networking.

Well, I didn't take much time to open one Tumblr page for me. There are hundreds of themes to choose. Mine looks something like this image on the left :D
Not for blogging, not for tweeting, not for facebooking, my dear friends, incase you want to do some tumblring then pay me a visit at my tumblr page :)

Welcome to the School of Life

Beautiful Bangladesh - School of Life

[Production: Red Dot
Agency: Grey Bangladesh
Client: Tourism Board Bangladesh]

Fleeing from artificial nest

[Camera used: Nokia C7]