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My blog says, "I got a new dress!!"

So, here goes the new theme of my blog... I was very confused at first about how to customize and which color should I prefer and etc... Later... I customized an official blogger template which resulted in this theme. I kept it simple and fresh.. meanwhile added some new options while removing some others.
Few things to mention about the new theme:
The image you are seeing below the header is "featured image". This image is not fixed with the theme. I will change this image occasionally which may express many things and I will try my best to always put something meaningful there.I have added pages to my blog and other links. myclickz™ is my new photo-blog loaded solely with my captures. While uploading contents there, I promise I will be very choosy. So you are welcome there anytime! :)There is a "chat-box" where you can shout!

That's pretty much all about the major changes of my blog theme. Hope I can continue with it for a good period of time.