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পৃথিবীর দীর্ঘতম সমুদ্রসৈকতে গোধূলির নিষ্পাপ সৌন্দর্য

Every Sunset from that day....

Every Sunset

Meeting you
was pure destiny,
You and I
were meant to be.

Maybe not now
but someday soon,
We'll meet not under the sun
but beneath the moon.

We'll watch the stars
'till they fade away,
but we won't fade
together we'll always stay.

This is the day
I'm waiting for,
from that day
I'll love you more and more.

I can't wait to watch
the sun set with you,
every sunset from that day
'till the rest of our lives are through.
-by Jessica Voyles

Haunted II

Life around a tree...

It stands still, gives us shade and silently accompanies us as a true friend. It is the witness of many incidents, many emotions, many calamities, many memories and many celebrations... It is a tree... A silent witness of lives...

এক শালিক, দুই শালিক

Myna (শালিক) is one of the most beautiful birds commonly found in Bangladesh. Most of the time they are seen in pair. There is a funny superstition about this bird in this region..: If anyone sees a single Myna, it's a bad omen. To invalidate this effect one must see a green tree. There is also another superstitious belief about this bird....: If anyone sees a pair of Myna together then it's a good omen... And I guess no ones wants to nullify the effect of good omen. So, there's no such available superstitious process to nullify this :P
Below there are three pictures of Myna. One is of a single Myna and other two have pairs. After seeing the single Myna you don't have to run outside to see a green tree... rather just have a look on the green trees around this Myna. And rest two pictures are going to bring you something good. So, be happy :D

Eyes VS Vision


"I'm moving forward now
The thought of a ghost brought me to life
I'm moving forward now
Turn all of this white
The creature at night
You said it would never find out where I rest my head at night
" - A Skylit Drive

প্রাতরাশের অপেক্ষায়...