Little Things

Here I go... First post of 2014... Celebrating a new kind of 'New Year Celebration". I haven't been able to celebrate one like this in ages. All I can remember about New Year Celebration is flashing lights, loads of friends around, loud music, laughter, beach, rooftop fireplace, crazy dance and so on. This year, particularly is different. Classical music is buzzing inside my ears, finished watching all the episodes of Sherlock (clearly one of the best series I have ever seen), a half full mug of tea, walking into freezing cold, and a neighbourhood full of silence. I am sitting inside an empty house, which is located in the craziest party city of Canada. Still so calm and quiet.

2013, a year full of events. I will count the good ones, and consider rest of them as lessons. So many lessons indeed. But the year was good overall. No complain.

2014, I expect it to be full of events as well. If God wills, I will probably have a lot of brand new things in my life, including a Masters degree (Do pray for me!)

Resolutions. None. Nothing hard coded. Just want to become a better person. More responsible hopefully. And probably more serious about *reality*.

Realization at the end of 2013:
I have sudden change in pace of heartbeats nowadays. It beats faster often. I think, it's the cold. I live in one of the coldest countries, anyway!
I feel the mixture of introvert and extrovert deep inside. I think it completely depends on three things: situation, my mood, and the people around.
I am thinking of the sinusoidal curve. The one that has positive peak. It begins from a zero, reaches its peak, and then again, approaches zero. I think, on this very day, I have crossed the peak. Well, I am just talking about one aspect of life. People. Relationships.
There's another sinusoidal curve I can think of, again just the positive half. It represents 'professionalism'. Nope. I am not even close to the peak yet. Will get there someday, no worries. There's no hurry.

Realization at the beginning of 2014:
Those little bugs on your bed
A bit tight financial situation
Little regrets that haunt time to time
A deadly deadline
A little sleeping disorder
Eating one food for weeks
A little sluggish PC
A bit uncomfortable size of monitor
Lack of a tablet PC
A little hassle to cook on your own
Absorbing a bit cold in the bus stop
A little frustrated look from your boss
Little family problems
A little loneliness, everyday
A little memory of betrayal
A pair of winter shoe that doesn't work well on black ice
A distant office room
A little fight with friends
A little loss of trust
Speakers that create noise out of nowhere
Headphone that doesn't work well
Lack of career plans
A cellphone that crashes during a Skype session
A little stress
A little boredom
All these little things, little bad things, actually make life meaningful. They help me carry on. They keep me busy. They force me to expect more, do more. They... keep me alive, help me be a human... All of these bad things cannot beat the fact that I am still breathing, writing this blog, having the peace of mind by just talking to my family... These little bad things are the blessings...

I should be upset today according to the recent events. But I am not. I just feel strange. And blessed.
Keep me, my family, and my close ones, in your prayers, please! That's the only thing I ask for whoever read my ramblings.

Happy New Year everyone :) This year is going to be awesome for you, trust me.

(Did you see the picture above? Well, that says a lot about my new year celebration. Only if you can see it.)


  1. Happy New Year Riyadh! Can you explain about the picture a little more?

    1. Happy New Year.... !
      Moments are kind of gone... Hard to explain now! :)


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