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Boro Miah

Halishahar, K-Block, Gate#10.

There's this 'Tong Dokan', where we sometimes go for hangout... It's open 24/7. Run by two/three persons in shifts. After coming back from Canada few days ago, yesterday was my first visit to this place.

This Tong Dokan was owned by a guy named 'Boro Miah'. That's not his real name, it's more like a title which means 'senior guy'. But everyone in the area knows him by this name. He himself, sometimes his sons, or relatives used to serve in this small tea stall. When I went there yesterday, I saw this new guy. I thought he was just one of Boro Miah's relatives. 

After taking tea, I asked him about Boro Miah's whereabouts. Then I got the sad news. He died few days ago. And In fact I was already back in the country when he died. 

Boro Miah was an old man. He was poor.. Obviously a guy who runs this type of small tea stall or 'Tong Dokan' does not earn much. Probably just enough to feed the family twice a day... or may be sometimes once. It would make sense for a guy like him with this financial condition to be very calculative. But he was not like that. He was very generous. I sometimes used to have chat with him when the crowd was smaller. Few years back, when I started visiting his tea stall more frequently, and started knowing him a little more, he told me that he knew me since I was a child. He told me that his tea stall were a few blocks away back then, and I used to visit him sometimes, probably with one of my uncle. I don't have any memory of that. But I was shocked to realize that he recognized me after all these years. Since then, I feel a connection with him, a very silent one.

Probably I have more of this type of unfelt connections than I can actually realize. And some of those connections are too subtle that I don't probably even know that they exist. But they are there, silently residing inside us... longer than our memory can hold, our focus can catch.

I have his photo in one of my earlier posts, you can see him in the second photo. He was busy making tea for all of us.

May Almighty grant him Jannah in the hereafter.


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