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Life as a Lyric

When I was coming back from Toronto to Ottawa yesterday on a train, I got a prolonged 'chill-time' (that's what we refer to at home as 'truly free time'). And I made no mistake in investing all of it in looking at the greenery, the mother nature. I was taking tea, I was listening to some of my favorite songs, I was riding on a train - I am not sure which one was the best part, but the combination does not get any better than this. I used to get a lot of these moments when I was a student. Took those for granted back then. When I did the same thing yesterday, it was bringing back memories. And then I started taking photographs and habitually trying to relate the photograph with lines from my favorite songs. I am not sure if there is a name for this habit  (an impulsive tweet yielded no reply as usual), but I realized I always used to do this... back then and now.

Sometimes it starts with music (a line of a song really...) and I try to define it with a photo, and so…


Everything is a wonder to Safi. A bird idly sitting at our balcony is no different.

As we grow up, do we lose our ability to wonder?

My brain is quick enough to defend the idea... 'No, we just wonder about more fascinating stuff'. What's there to wonder about a pigeon?

What wondered me today?

After a quick lookup in my short term memory, I can only think of the moment when I finally understood the difference between a Container and a VM.

What's more wondrous? A pigeon or a Container?

What Color Is My Parachute?

Inspired by the 'Self Inventory' chapter of 'What Color Is Your Parachute?' by Richard N. Bolles, last night I started drawing my thoughts on paper. I wanted to identify my real passion. It turned out to be something else though. Something more important. It gave me a picture of how my life has changed over the last two decades. 

I explored my memory - as far as I could. I tried to think what I used to do when I was in primary school (Grade 1 to 5). Then what happened in high school (Grade 6 to 10), how things changed in college (Grade 11-12), during my Bachelors and Masters, and what impact did 'moving to Canada' have on me. Then the obvious ones - how my life has changed with marriage and parenthood.

Though I was not surprised to look at the outcome, I must admit - I was not very conscious about all the changes that happened over time. Over the last 10 years or so, the changes have been dramatic. I have achieved some important characteristics, but probably a…


The last entry in this blog was in February 2015, a post I published from Singapore. That's more than two years ago.

A lot has changed, gratefully, most are positive. Among them, Safi, my 11 month old son, is the most blissful addition to my life. With his arrival, his Ammu and Abbu have become a lot busier. I admire Mun for the care she is giving to our son, and for the sacrifices she is making everyday to make our lives easier. I also managed to get a full time job here in Canada. I am doing something I never thought I would do (partly because I had no idea about the existence of this type of work). Somehow though it makes sense. If I look back, most of previous experiences do not have much in common. My Bachelors and Masters hardly intersect. I am making no effort to stop that trend - the above picture is an indication for that. More details on that someday later.

As I am only mentioning the good things today - I should mention one more thing. I have re-developed one of my goo…