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The last entry in this blog was in February 2015, a post I published from Singapore. That's more than two years ago.

A lot has changed, gratefully, most are positive. Among them, Safi, my 11 month old son, is the most blissful addition to my life. With his arrival, his Ammu and Abbu have become a lot busier. I admire Mun for the care she is giving to our son, and for the sacrifices she is making everyday to make our lives easier. I also managed to get a full time job here in Canada. I am doing something I never thought I would do (partly because I had no idea about the existence of this type of work). Somehow though it makes sense. If I look back, most of previous experiences do not have much in common. My Bachelors and Masters hardly intersect. I am making no effort to stop that trend - the above picture is an indication for that. More details on that someday later.

As I am only mentioning the good things today - I should mention one more thing. I have re-developed one of my good childhood habits - reading books! And guess who else in our home is a bookworm? Mun is into both reading and writing. She likes literature. Right now she is turning the pages of a huge dictionary, it's a special dictionary for writers. I can only judge this book by its sheer size - so I rather not.

Anyway, recently I came across the value of keeping a journal. If Louis Zamperini could keep a journal while being a POW under no other than 'the Bird', any reason for not to keep a journal would be a lame excuse - given that you want to keep one. I started off with traditional journal writing approach using digital means obviously. However, that was not going anywhere - and it felt like an extra work. Then I realised that I actually already have one. Though it's bit informal, it's something that might just work for me, at least better than the traditional approach. That's why I am here again, in the 'Walk Through My Life'. As soon as I logged in, I noticed Blogger has something to motivate me further - some new modern themes. I was not a big fan of older Blogger themes. In fact, even now, I would prefer something cleaner like 'Medium' in terms of UX. But now a days, moving digital assets is more burdensome than relocating to a new place physically. So, let me call this abandoned home a 'home' again. Let's see how long it lasts...


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