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Life as a Lyric

When I was coming back from Toronto to Ottawa yesterday on a train, I got a prolonged 'chill-time' (that's what we refer to at home as 'truly free time'). And I made no mistake in investing all of it in looking at the greenery, the mother nature. I was taking tea, I was listening to some of my favorite songs, I was riding on a train - I am not sure which one was the best part, but the combination does not get any better than this. I used to get a lot of these moments when I was a student. Took those for granted back then. When I did the same thing yesterday, it was bringing back memories. And then I started taking photographs and habitually trying to relate the photograph with lines from my favorite songs. I am not sure if there is a name for this habit  (an impulsive tweet yielded no reply as usual), but I realized I always used to do this... back then and now.

Sometimes it starts with music (a line of a song really...) and I try to define it with a photo, and so…