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Make Believe

In the treasure of moving forward
We find make-believe answers
Essential nourishment for survival
We delicately dodge traps
That may take us to offbeat blobs
That may imperil the status quo
We remain in motion
In hunting the transient treasure
We convince ourselves
Of the truth that we call truth
Only for the fear of having no truth
Another life
Reaches its time
Before it could reach its peak

Time Bomb

We are a time-bomb But we don't typically blast When our time comes We just expire... The only way to continue Is to discontinue... ...the time

Some Ideas from ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg

“We know that change can happen. Alcoholics can stop drinking. Smokers can quit puffing. Perennial losers can become champions. You can stop biting your nails or snacking at work, yelling at your kids, staying up all night, or worrying over small concerns”.-Charles Duhigg, The Power of Habit Deconstructing Habit Researchers have made tremendous advancement in identifying how habits work. The habit loop primarily consists of three components: Cue: Something that triggers the habitRoutine: The habitual activityReward: The typical reward of performing the routine For a smoker, seeing a pack of cigarette can be a cue that may trigger the routine of smoking. The reward is obvious — nicotine does the trick, or, the reward can also be associated with the ‘little break’ smoking often provides from the work at hand. Probably a more common example of habit nowadays is checking social media. That little notification on your phone is a cue that triggers you…


There is something strange about raindrops. It always calms me down.

On such a rainy day, I was riding on a bus. I was going back home from work. The journey began from downtown.

The bus was making stops every now and then, loading and unloading passengers... but mostly loading new passengers. It became more and more crowded as it was passing through the narrow downtown street. Most passengers were doing something on their phone. Some had their eyes closed and headphone on, maybe listening to the music. If you get a seat in the bus, its not a bad place and time for semi-relaxation, and headphones always help. Few passengers were reading books. And some others, including me, were doing nothing. Surprisingly, no one was talking inside the bus. Well, it was not probably that surprising.

The bus moved past the downtown-core. Now more passengers were leaving, though some new were still coming on board. There is a fundamental difference between people's morning face and evening face, a…