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There is something strange about raindrops. It always calms me down.

On such a rainy day, I was riding on a bus. I was going back home from work. The journey began from downtown.

The bus was making stops every now and then, loading and unloading passengers... but mostly loading new passengers. It became more and more crowded as it was passing through the narrow downtown street. Most passengers were doing something on their phone. Some had their eyes closed and headphone on, maybe listening to the music. If you get a seat in the bus, its not a bad place and time for semi-relaxation, and headphones always help. Few passengers were reading books. And some others, including me, were doing nothing. Surprisingly, no one was talking inside the bus. Well, it was not probably that surprising.

The bus moved past the downtown-core. Now more passengers were leaving, though some new were still coming on board. There is a fundamental difference between people's morning face and evening face, a…